COVID Health & Safety Requirements

Updated 8.8.22

Recently, CDC announced that its COVID-19 Program for Cruise Ships is no longer in effect. That directive called for each guest to show both Proof of Vaccination and a negative COVID test no more than 48 hours before sailing in order to board the ship (“Directive”). In response, Celebrity Cruises announced that they would continue to follow the Directive but would allow a limited percentage of unvaccinated guests on all sailings.

At this time, Jazz Cruises is electing to continue to follow the Directive without exception. Proof of Vaccination and Negative COVID testing will remain prerequisites to boarding the ship. If that policy changes, we will inform you accordingly, however, anyone who is unwilling to follow the Directive should refrain from reserving a stateroom on the 2023 sailings of Jazz Cruises.

Please check this page closer to our sailing date for the accepted forms of vaccine proof and testing requirements.

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