We told our good friend and comedian in Residence, Alonzo Bodden, that we’re on a mission to make Ocean View Staterooms affordable to every jazz fan in the world! To help get the word out there, Alonzo offered his voice for a tour of the newly renovated Ocean View Staterooms. Watch the video above.

Special Prices on ALL Ocean View Staterooms

Category 7, 8, – Deck 2 $2,525/person
Category 5, 6 – Deck 3 $2,575/person
Category 4 – Deck 6 & 7 $2,625/person
Ocean View Staterooms are always priced reasonably, but, for the next few weeks, we’re doubling down on that claim and lowering the prices even further.


These special prices can’t be beaten. Great accommodations. Great food and service. Hundreds of hours of the greatest music. Just think, for about the cost of a daily latte for one year, you can enjoy 7 days and 7 nights of fun, excitement, and camaraderie.


Use Promo Code: AWAY

This offer is available to everyone and supersedes prior offers whether they have expired or not. The only limitation on this offer is that it ends on July 4 or earlier if all staterooms are reserved. The Jazz Cruise’s guest services staff is happy to help at 844.768.5157 (9am – 5pm Central Time Monday – Friday). Whether you book online or by phone be sure to use promo code: AWAY

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