Javier Nero Invites You To Sail On The Jazz Cruise ’23

Sailing with us for the first time in 2023 is the trombonist Javier Nero, who is a product not only of the prestigious Juilliard Jazz program, but also of the equally renowned Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, where he received both a Master’s and Doctorate degree. So the youthful Dr. Nero is no teenager, but he may not be familiar to some of our audience. Currently based in the Washington, DC area, Javier has won first place in numerous solo competitions and is now the lead trombonist for The Pershing’s Own, the U.S. Army’s premier musical unit. He also leads his own ensembles and performs as a sideman with other groups.

We’re excited to showcase Javier’s unique gifts as an All-Star on The Jazz Cruise ’23 and he’s excited too. Hear what he has to say about The Jazz Cruise.

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