Planning Your Trip

Hotel Reservations

Jazz Cruises does not provide air or hotel accommodation for guests. It is the responsibility of each guest to make their own arrangements.

Jazz Cruises does recommend at least one hotel near the embarkation port each year. It is a tradition that Guests gather the day before embarkation at this “Pre-Cruise Hotel.” The Pre-Cruise Hotel fills up very quickly each year.  More details on the pre-cruise hotel will be announced closer to our sailing date.

Scheduling Flights

Historically, boarding begins at 11:30 AM on embarkation day and the ship departs promptly at 4 PM after every guest has completed the mandatory safety drill. Due to Celebrity’s enhanced COVID-19 health and safety protocols, it may take more time to move all guests through the terminal. Currently, Celebrity Cruises requires all guests to select a boarding window during the Online Check-In process to aid in the flow of guests in the Terminal. We recommend that guests arrive in Miami the day before sailing to avoid any issues on their arrival day. More guests miss the ship’s departure due to severe weather and missed flights than for any other reason.

The ship returns to the port by 6 AM the day of disembarkation. Due to the time it takes to clear Customs and Immigration at the cruise terminal and to navigate security checkpoints at the airport, we do not recommend any flight scheduled prior to noon from the Miami International Airport.


Airport to Pier: When you arrive at Miami International Airport, you will find taxis readily available to help you get to the cruise terminal. The taxi drivers are well-acquainted with the cruise terminal and will take you directly to the boarding area. Ride-sharing services may also be available.

Celebrity Cruise Lines also offers transfers to and from the Miami and Ft Lauderdale airports. This must be purchased in advance by contacting Celebrity Cruises at: 844.278.9746.

Guests Staying at the Pre-Cruise Hotel: For your ease and convenience, guests staying at the Pre-Cruise Hotel can purchase transportation from the hotel to the pier on Embarkation Day! Your luggage will be loaded onto the motor coach by our team, and you will be assisted at the pier by the cruise line porters. No tips or lifting necessary!

Coach transportation from the hotel to the pier costs $25/person advanced reservation required. Guests staying at the Pre-Cruise Hotels may register for the Pier Transfer by sending an email to info@localhost. You will receive an email confirmation with further instructions regarding the Pier Transfer times approximately 15 days prior to the cruise. The fee will be added to your account and reservation.

Pier to Airport: There will be both taxis and ride-sharing services available to get you to the airport. Celebrity also offers transfers to and from the Fort Lauderdale and Miami airports. These can be purchased by contacting Celebrity Cruises at: 844.278.9746. Alternately, if you wish to purchase a transfer from the port to the airport after your cruise, you may purchase this onboard.

Cruise Terminal Information

The address of Port Miami is 1015 North America Way, Miami, Florida. However, it is easier to simply tell the taxi driver or ride-sharing driver that you are going to Port Everglades, the cruise ship terminal. There will be directional boards to help you to find the specific terminal for our ship, the Celebrity Summit.

Parking at the Cruise Terminal

A reliable resource for finding parking is the official website of Port Miami, the cruise port. To get more information about the cruise port, including a list of available parking places, click here.

Boarding the Ship

As you enter Port Miami cruise terminal, you will see signage that will direct you to the Celebrity Cruise Terminal location. These signs are like the arrival and departure signage you see at airports. When you arrive at the Celebrity Terminal, you will check your luggage with the ship porters, make sure that you have attached your Celebrity luggage tags (available to print, during online check-in). The porters will have additional luggage tags available for your use. Once you give the porter your luggage you will not have access to it until it has gone through TSA-style security and been delivered to your stateroom.

Please do not place your boarding documents (including your passport, vaccination card, and Celebrity Cruises Xpress pass) in your checked luggage, you will need them as you continue through the boarding process. Next, you will arrive at Celebrity’s check-in counter, here you will receive your SeaPass card that will reflect either a blue or red color according to your show selection. The SeaPass card will serve as your stateroom key, to use for all your onboard expenses, and the card you use to get on and off the ship at our ports of call.

Please note: to control the flow of guests in the terminal in 2022, Celebrity required guests to arrive during an assigned time window that was selected during the online check-in process. With this new process, you must arrive at the Terminal during your selected boarding window. If you arrive outside of the window, you will be required to wait outside of the Terminal until space in the Terminal permits. At this time, we expect this requirement will still be in place at the time of our sailing but will provide more information closer to our sailing date.

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