Pricing, Terms & Conditions

The Reservation Process for The Jazz Cruise ’23 is now up and running. Your opportunity to reserve a Stateroom or initiate the process will vary depending upon which Reservation Period is in effect and your guest status.


THE JAZZ CRUISE ‘22 GUESTS: Through January 19, 2022, Day 3 of The Jazz Cruise ‘22, Guests on that sailing on may reserve their ’22 Stateroom for The Jazz Cruise ’23, subject to the prices, terms and conditions detailed in the cruise announcement sent to them via email around December 8, 2021.

PAST JAZZ CRUISES GUESTS: If you have sailed on any of our Jazz Cruises programs, but not on The Jazz Cruise ’22, around December 8, 2021, you should have received an email invitation to complete a Pre-Sale Reservation with your specific pricing, terms and conditions. Completing a Pre-Sale Reservation establishes your priority in selecting a Stateroom when that process opens up immediately after the completion of The Jazz Cruise ’22 (January 24, 2022).

ALL OTHER GUESTS: Through January 19, 2022, anyone, regardless of their guest status, may complete a Pre-Sale Reservation. Doing so puts you in the queue to select a Stateroom and complete a Reservation after the Past Guests, but before Open Booking for the public.

JANUARY 19 – FEBRUARY 28, 2022

After January 19, 2022, the Pre-Sale Reservation procedure will stop accepting new applications and we will begin to process reservations for anyone who has completed a Pre-Sale Reservation, in the order received. Those who have completed a Pre-Sale Reservation will receive a special code by email which will enable them to select their Stateroom and complete their Reservation.


After Pre-Sale Reservations have been processed, all remaining Staterooms will be made available to the public for Open Booking. We anticipate Open Booking to begin around March 1, 2022.


If you qualify as either a Guest on The Jazz Cruise ’22 or a Past Jazz Cruises Guest and did not receive your personal rebooking information please reach out to our team at the office by phone (888.852.9987) or by email at info@thejazzcruise.com. Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM CT

To be clear, for guests who are neither The Jazz Cruise ‘22 Guests or Past Jazz Cruises Guests, the best way to ensure a reservation for The Jazz Cruise ’23 is to complete a Pre-Sale Reservation as soon as possible and before that process ends on January 19, 2021.

Stateroom Type
Price Per Guest
Past Guest
New Guest
Penthouse Suite (PS)
Past Guest Price: $8,900
New Guest Price: $9,000
Royal Suite (RS)
Past Guest Price: $5,600
New Guest Price: $5,850
Celebrity Suite (CS)
Past Guest Price: $5,325
New Guest Price: $5,500
Sky Suite (S1)
Past Guest Price: $5,050
New Guest Price: $5,150
Sky Suite (S2)
Past Guest Price: $5,050
New Guest Price: $5,150
Family Veranda (FV)
Past Guest Price: $4,425
New Guest Price: $4,625
Sunset Veranda (SV)
Past Guest Price: $3,700
New Guest Price: $3,850
Concierge Class (C1)
Past Guest Price: $3,600
New Guest Price: $3,800
Concierge Class (C2)
Past Guest Price: $3,600
New Guest Price: $3,800
Concierge Class (C3)
Past Guest Price: $3,600
New Guest Price: $3,800
AquaClass (A1)
Past Guest Price: $3,600
New Guest Price: $3,800
AquaClass (A2)
Past Guest Price: $3,600
New Guest Price: $3,800
Veranda (2A)
Past Guest Price: $3,350
New Guest Price: $3,500
Veranda (2B)
Past Guest Price: $3,350
New Guest Price: $3,500
Veranda (2C)
Past Guest Price: $3,350
New Guest Price: $3,500
Veranda Single (VS)*
Past Guest Price: $4,400
New Guest Price: $4,500
Ocean View (4, 5, 6)
Past Guest Price: $2,750
New Guest Price: $2,925
Ocean View (7, 8)
Past Guest Price: $2,625
New Guest Price: $2,775
Inside (9)
Past Guest Price: $2,250
New Guest Price: $2,475
Inside (11)
Past Guest Price: $2,250
New Guest Price: $2,450
Inside (12)
Past Guest Price: $2,225
New Guest Price: $2,425
Inside Single - Deck 3 (10)
Past Guest Price: $3,100
New Guest Price: $3,250

(*) To learn more or to reserve a Veranda Single, please contact us at the office by telephone. This Stateroom Type may not be reserved online.

Stateroom Prices are based upon double occupancy unless designated as a “Single." Stateroom Prices include all the amenities, accommodations and services outlined here in the Stateroom Description for the Category of Stateroom Guest has selected, together with the shows and onboard events produced by The Jazz Cruise.

Stateroom Prices do not include airfare, ground transportation, onboard purchases of goods and services (including, but not limited to various beverages, spa services, gifts, specialty dining or any such goods and services for which the Cruise Line customarily charges a separate fee), medical expenses, shore excursions, and “Pass-Through Charges.”

The Jazz Cruise offers both a Monthly and a Quarterly Payment Plan. The Payment Plan election is made at the time of the Reservation.

Monthly Payment Plan

  • Deposit at the time of reservation followed by equal monthly payments on the first of every month beginning 2/1/22 and ending 10/1/22.
Quarterly Payment Plan
  • Deposit at the time of reservation followed by 4 equal payments on 2/1/22, 4/1/22, 7/1/22 and 10/1/22

Guests may contact the office to propose alternative schedules for payment. Reasonable plans will be seriously considered.

All Guests are required to pay port charges, government taxes and fees, onboard service gratuities for shipboard staff and other charges due and payable to third parties. These Pass-Through Charges, equal to $300/person for The Jazz Cruise are in addition to the Stateroom Prices.

All Stateroom Price and Pass-Through Charge payments made to date or paid in the future are non-refundable. Payments are refundable only when either Celebrity Cruises or The Jazz Cruise cancels or reschedules the cruise. Complimentary name changes and Guest additions will be accepted until 120 days prior to the cruise. Name changes made to a Reservation less than 120 days prior to sailing will be assessed a $150 administrative fee.

Deposits are due at the time of your reservation.

Deposit amounts vary based upon the Stateroom Type:

  • $400/pp - Inside & Ocean View Staterooms
  • $500/pp - Veranda Staterooms
  • $600/pp - Suites

The cost for 3rd and 4th passengers in a stateroom is $1,850/person.

The purchase of Travel Insurance/Trip Protection is strongly encouraged. If it were our choice, every guest would purchase trip insurance. Your investment for the cruise should be protected, so we urge you to purchase trip insurance. Please remember, restrictions do apply, so to secure the broadest coverage be careful to apply for the insurance in a timely manner.

To Learn More, Click Here.

Jazz Cruises strongly recommends that all guests travel with a valid passport with at least six (6) months validity post cruise during their sailing.

To Learn More, Click Here.

Full Terms & Conditions

Your Price Includes

  • Round-trip cruise from Ft. Lauderdale
  • All performances, interviews, parties and events presented on the cruise (This does not include any special Artist-Hosted Events which require sign-up and/or a fee or Private Parties.)
  • All meals (“Included Dining” features breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in the Ocean View Café and dinners in The Metropolitan Dining Room as well as late-night mini-buffets throughout the ship.)
  • As part of the Included Dining experience, non-bottled beverages (i.e. coffee, juices, tea) are provided without charge.
  • 24-hour room service (excluding delivery surcharge for orders placed 11:00PM to 6:00AM)
  • Recreation facilities, such as Fitness Center, Pools, Hot tubs, Sauna, Basketball court, Jogging track and Thalassotherapy Pool.
  • In-room TV and movies (excluding pay-per-view movies)
  • Full-service room cleaning (twice a day)

Your Price Does NOT Include

  • Air and ground transportation to and from the pier in Ft. Lauderdale
  • Ground transportation in ports-of-call
  • Pre- and post-cruise lodging
  • Dining in Specialty Restaurants (Tuscan Grill, Luminae, Q’Sine, Sushi on Five). There is an upcharge for dining in those restaurants.
  • Personal expenditures and purchases such as photos, souvenirs, excursions, spa services, personal training
  • Gambling
  • All bottled and alcoholic beverages (There are “included” events during the cruise at which bottled and alcoholic beverages will be offered without charge.)
  • Travel Insurance

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