Jazz Cruises office is closed through 10 AM ET on July 15, 2024. Contact us at [email protected] if you need anything during this time.

Booking Procedures


The first step in completing your reservation depends upon whether you are sailing on The Jazz Cruise ’24. Please click the appropriate action bar and follow the prompts.

From now through February 15, 2024, ’24 Guests may complete a reservation for The Jazz Cruise ’25 by contacting the office.  Once Open Booking starts (February 19, 2024), ’24 Guests may complete a reservation for The Jazz Cruise ’25 online or by calling the office.

Deposit.  A deposit will be due at the time of the reservation. You may select your payment plan during the reservation process.

Pricing. As a guest who has sailed previously, you are eligible for Past Guest Cruise Pricing.

Pre-Sale Reservations for Guests who did NOT SAIL on The Jazz Cruise ’24. From Now through February 9, Guests who did not sail on The Jazz Cruise ’24 were able to establish their priority for The Jazz Cruise ’25 by completing a Pre-Sale Reservation. 

Stateroom Selection/Completing a Reservation.  Starting February 5, Pre-Sale Reservations were activated in several waves. Instructions were emailed to the Pre-Sale Reservation holder on their Selection date. Once a Pre-Sale Reservation is activated, the Guest may proceed by clicking below,  select any available stateroom and complete their reservation with their token.  The Guest has until Open Booking, February 19, 2024 to complete their reservation and after that date anyone will be able to complete a reservation on the remaining available staterooms.

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